13 things I swapped when I started working for mys...

13 things I swapped when I started working for myself


Trying to decide whether you should quit your day job and give your lusty, dusty dream a good spit shine and polish? Hurrah – you gorgeous dream-chaser!

But before you hand in your resignation, let me shed a little insight into what it really looks – and feels – like to work for yourself.

13 things I swapped when I started working for myself:

  1. A nine-to-five FOR a whenever-I-wake-up-and-get-my-ass-into-gear to whenever-I’m-finished. Sometimes this means three-hour working days. Other times it means 16-hour working days.
  2. A stable income FOR income perched on the San Andreas fault line: tumultuous and unpredictable.
  3. Rushed lunch breaks FOR long walks around the park.
  4. Sick days FOR suck-it-up days.
  5. Annual leave FOR I’ll-leave-whenever-I-want. Last year it was a month-long European holiday.
  6. Crappy bosses FOR … me. And my clients. And while my clients are awesome, my self-managing skills are a lot more questionable.
  7. Open-plan workspaces FOR open-plan libraries (where, let’s be honest, I still try to find a little Harry Potter nook to write in.)
  8. Annoying co-workers FOR cats that sit on my keyboard and chew my power cords.
  9. Co-workers that became my closest friends FOR clients that have become my closest friends.
  10. Ridiculously and unnecessarily long meetings FOR short and sweet phone calls.
  11. Inside-the-box thinking FOR #IdowhatIwant.
  12. Creating because it was my job FOR creating because it lights me up.
  13. Making a different in the workplace FOR making a difference in the world.


What do you think, does it sound like the life for you? Share your dreams and ideas by leaving a comment below. I read and respond to every comment.

Have you started to work for yourself? I’d love to hear what you’ve swapped! And don’t forget to head on over to my communications agency, Wild Spirit Copywriting, to read more business related articles.

Cassandra Lane

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