5 spiritual truths to help you live a lighter + br...

5 spiritual truths to help you live a lighter + brighter life


In a world so connected by the magic of social media it has become so easy to lose sight of what spirituality means to us individuals.

We begin building layers and layers on top of our own spiritual practices until they feel hard and we are left feeling ‘less’ spiritual than others and therefore questioning our worthiness of our own truth.

As an authenticity coach and deep believer in my ‘own’ spiritual path what I know to be true today is that spirituality is the unique marvellous path of the deepest discoveries of you.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it. It’s simply about honouring the call of your soul and leaning into whatever feels good for you.

Following on from this, I’d love to share the spiritual truths I wish I’d known at  the beginning of my own journey. I hope they allow you to travel forward on your spiritual journey to feel lighter and brighter. So, shall we begin?

Spiritual truth #1: Always honour how you truly feel

Somewhere along your spiritual path you’re going to think “I need to be happy – all of the time”. Truth is, as the multidimensional being you are, it’s your divine right (and blessing) to be able to feel. The world and our experiences will often impact how we feel moment to moment, but it’s the ability to see that within these moments of bliss, sadness or deep love lies great inner shifts.

So lean into your feelings, don’t be afraid to feel what’s truly going on within, honour whatever rises and find your way to fully express yourself with grace.

Spiritual truth #2: You must weave your own tapestry of spirituality.

Yoga. Green smoothies. Meditation. Chanting. You’re doing everything everyone else is doing but it still doesn’t feel … right. It doesn’t feel good. That’s because your spiritual path is going to look and feel different to everyone else’s because it’s yours. There is no right or wrong equation to spirituality; it’s simply about honouring what feels good for you.

Perhaps you find a meditative state while playing piano or while boxing you’re able to let go and release old baggage. Or maybe dancing it out to Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ leaves you feeling empowered and in high spirits. If this is your spiritual equation, this is okay. Own it. Don’t bend to fit into the mainstream, as this is not where your truth lies. Allow yourself to marvel in the magic of creating ripples (rather than straight lines) and inspire others to do so to.

Spiritual truth #3: Raise the bar on what you’ll accept in your life.

You have to get clear on what you will and won’t accept in your life so you can create nourishing boundaries for your self-worth. If you’ve got people in your life that are always treating you like a punching bag – raise the bar.

When we accept the negative behaviours of others we send one clear message to them: your behaviour is okay. And one big message this sends to the universe is that this is the kind of behaviour we’re willing to accept and therefore attract into our life.

I like to think when we raise the bar for ourselves we also give those around us the opportunity to rise with us. So not only are we taking care of ourselves and our self-worth we are also influencing others to better themselves.

Spiritual truth #4: You are already enlightened.

Sometimes we are led to believe that our spiritual path will lead us to enlightenment, and that within enlightenment we will find our purpose in life (more on this next). Truth is, every day we can choose to rise with an open heart and a beginner’s mind to become enlightened.

To be enlightened is simply to be aware of all that’s accessible to us, to do this we must release what we believe to be true and stay open to the infinite possibilities of life (and ourselves) itself. It’s a choice we can make to approach the world and with an open mind in order to gain a deeper awareness of ourselves. Don’t keep reaching ‘out there’ for answers when they already lie within you, accessible at any moment.

Spiritual truth #5: You don’t need to find your purpose – it will find you.

But this isn’t an invitation for you to put your feet up, sit back and just go through life simply existing. No, not at all. Your purpose will find you when you are fully showing up for yourself and living your life.This might mean you travel down five dead end roads (because you’re giving something a go) before you come across one that simply feels right for you and is beaming with opportunity! But please know, even those dead ends are not wasted time – they themselves hold important moments and teachings that will lead you to that very moment of opportunity better prepared and more aware for your purpose filled life.


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Janelle Crawford

Janelle Crawford

My name is Janelle Crawford. I’m a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach with a burning desire to unearth your truth through a sacred practice I like to call Soul Love. Soul Love is the sacred practice of wholeheartedly loving the multi-dimensional humanness of who you are. Soul Love is a sacred commitment to the very evolution of YOU and the understanding that by choosing to love every inch of our Soul we unleash our authentic BEST version of ourselves, stepping fully into our absolute highest potential. I sing for authenticity, Soul Love and your inner truth. Most importantly, I speak from my heart.
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