A ritual for transforming negative beliefs

A ritual for transforming negative beliefs


Transforming negative thought patterns doesn’t need to be ridiculously hard. Certainly, it can bring up some yucky feelings of low self-worth, being unloved, or just overall feeling like life just doesn’t work out for you. But, transforming the negative beliefs is the first step in creating your life.

Please don’t ever forget you have this power. When you’re feeling overcome with negativity and outside influences, remember there’s always a way to check in with yourself. Your TRUE inner self. That inner guidance is always there to help you and guide you, we just have to be OK with asking.

About the ritual.

When we think about creating our life, it sounds pretty positive. If we can create the life we want, then we must be able to create it in the best way possible, right? We can manifest, invite synchronicity, and release these negative thought patterns. But we also have to be able to bring up all the yucky stuff that we don’t want to always feel. We must bring it light to heal, right?

So that’s what this ritual is all about. It’s about naming those feelings, the negative thought patterns that play in the back of your mind.

The only way to live your truth is to get to the bottom of those feelings … to excavate the pain, the disgust, the ugly emotions. These are all a part of a dynamic human experience. To suppress them is to suppress life, so please be OK with bringing these painful thoughts and feelings to light.

And, of course, if you need more help than creating rituals to release negative thought patterns, reach out to a therapist, or someone else that you trust. Also know that you have so much inner strength just for being here right now.

This ritual for transforming negative beliefs is such a gorgeous practice. It allows you to see your beliefs on paper, which is a lot different than just thinking them in your head.

A ritual for transforming negative beliefs:

Step 1. So, first things first, take a moment to identify each and every negative thought pattern you can find. What the phrases that come up the most for you? When are you hardest on yourself, and what does your inner dialogue say? What are some repeating negative thoughts you have, the ones that show up when you don’t feel like you’re doing something perfect, or when you just feel down about life in general? Got em? Then, write them all down. Take as much time as you need. Lay it all out. No matter how mean your thoughts are, put them on paper.

Step 2. Are you surprised at what you wrote? Does it feel more unloving and unkind, now that it’s on paper? It usually does. It feels different to actually see this stuff, rather than just think it. It makes you take a minute to reevaluate your inner dialogue. When I first did this, I was really surprised by the terrible things within me. As a transformational coach, I felt like I needed to be perfect, so I wouldn’t always bring this stuff to light. I would rather stuff the bad stuff away, while helping others work through theirs. Working with others through this transformational process gives me such healing and hope that we can grow outside our inner comfort zone, into a place that we can become one with our inner and outer worlds. Doing this ritual allowed me to see this stuff visually and take the mental garbage out to the curb.

Step 3. Once you’ve written all your negative thought patterns, write on another piece of paper next to it all the positive beliefs you can replace the negative ones with. Subbing out. Swapping. Integrating. Maybe you don’t feel worthy. Well, my dear, you are. So flip it around and write down “I am worthy of everything I want to create in this lifetime.” Do this for every single thought. Keep this paper safe.

Step 4. Snatch up your negative thought patterns paper and head somewhere private. Ideally, this is somewhere you can light things on fire. Now, it’s time to ignite and release. Set the corner of your page on fire, and watch as your negative beliefs slowly burn away. Imagine your soul being cleansed. Visualize these beliefs being burned out of your memory. Collect the ashes and let them go somewhere the earth can take them and float them away. Into a river, or the wind, would be a beautiful choice.

Now, all that’s left is your positive beliefs. Hang this up and read daily. Remind yourself that you are not your negative beliefs. That you do have the creative power to transform these beliefs. That magic is not something that needs to be in books, but something you can experience with an open mind and some flame. Embrace your inner alchemist and choose transformation. You always have the choice, my love, to remain bound to the negative thought patterns that steer your life. Or, you can take beautiful and magical action on each one of them, and releasing them in a way that feels good.

When you find yourself dealing with negative thought patterns, continue this pattern of writing them down, lighting on fire, and finally, releasing.

Release. Cleanse. Heal. Do not let your inner negative chatter to rule your life. You have the creative power to transform your life into whatever you desire. Say no to negative and invite the positive. Bring it all to light to heal and align. Create your life for you.


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Kristen Runvik

Kristen Runvik is a transformational life coach, writer, and intuitive artist. She believes in changing the world from the inside out and leads a community of beautiful souls on the path to creating their true selves. She currently hosts Vision Quest, a 4-week creative awakening, an online journey for those wanting to discover their inner power and live more aligned with who they really are.

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