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About – Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

About Us

Happiness + Wellbeing Academy is an enlightening online home for curious and conscious students of the Universe to gather, learn and share the philosophy of a happy + well life.

We’re a small but big-hearted biz built on a foundation of intentional kindness and conscious gratitude designed to support earthlings across the globe to foster inner peace, adopt a more conscious lifestyle, master the art of meditation, nourish their body with balanced nutrition and find spiritual practices that enhance their life and wellness.

Consider us your oracle of inner peace, digital life + wellness coach, virtual cheerleader, nurturer of dreams, slayer of emotional demons, enlightenment guide and holistic support system.

We are proudly label-free and do not endorse or advocate a singular philosophy or approach to life. Rather, our philosophy is to simply provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge you need to make informed and educated decisions and choose a lifestyle that radiates with authenticity + awesomeness for you and you alone.

The beautiful souls that support our happiness (ad)venture aren’t just our readers: they’re our soul sisters. Our tribe.

For this reason, we are a good vibes only zone and have deliberately crafted Happiness + Wellbeing Academy as a safe space for you to share, laugh and inspire as a global community.


Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine (it’s free!)

This magazine is the goods. Dreamy yet down-to-earth. Spiritual yet sassy. It’s the ultimate guide to health, wellness and grabbing life by the balls. The perfect blend of inspiration and action, Yin and Yang, nourishment and encouragement. Move over Cosmo, H+W Mag knows what the new-age woman is truly craving and they give you just that, soaked in soul and infused with love!” ~ Meg O’Sullivan, Adventuring Home

Every now and then, we release a shiny, fresh new edition of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine. This beauty has our best (never before seen) features and is generally considered to be 50 + pages of literary goodness for your mind, body and soul. Past themes have included essays and resources on spirituality, detoxing, yoga, emotional wellness, chasing your dreams and nurturing your health.

About our Founder

Cassandra Lane is the happy founder of Happy + Well Academy and the Editor-in-Chief of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine. Cass also owns and runs Wild Spirit Co., a creative copywriting (which is just fancy word for ‘writing’) agency devoted to helping soulful small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups communicate their brand with confidence. You can hire her for website copywriting, eBook copywriting and editing, sales page copywriting, article writing, blogging, editing, proofreading and more. Visit her site at http://www.wildspirit.co

A quintessential daydreamer with a penchant for cloud-watching, reading, yoga and crisp, mountain air (or really, nature of any kind, but mountain air sounded way cooler), she can usually be found with a book in one hand and a journal in the other. The pen, of course, will be tucked behind her ear at some stage and quickly forgotten as she floats through the rest of her day.

The Truth or Dare Game

Created by the happy humans behind Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, the Truth or Dare Game ($29 USD) is a 21-day online adventure for earthlings across the globe that want to play and interact with the world again. 

Designed to inspire real-world happiness and self-discovery, this online adventure has been deliberately crafted to help you:

— Learn more about yourself in a safe, pressure-free environment.

— Have fun (remember what that is?)

— Engage and play with the world around you.

— Step outside of your comfort zone – just a little bit – each day for 21-days.

— Be brave … without pooping your organic cotton panties.

—  Illuminate your shadow self (the part of you that you’re ashamed of and hide from, but that always pops back up – and sabotages you! – when you ignore it.)

— Befriend your higher – and true – self. Hint: She’s pretty freaking rad.

— Digest bite-sized chunks of self-realisations and figure out what makes you, you … without falling into a self-discovery coma (and never wanting to explore the depths of ‘you’ ever again).

“The Truth or Dare Game is the best (online) adventure you will ever go on! A beautiful journey of self-discovery, this adventure is a fun way to build inner self-confidence while reconnecting you with your true self.  So, pack your heart and start the adventure with Truth or Dare …” – Suzzi Hartery, Nourished Hub. 

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