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There are few moments in life that feel truly, wondrously decadent.

Taking the first bite of a finely crafted piece of artisanal Swiss chocolate.

Slipping into a pair of 22 momme silk pyjamas.

Wrapping your hands around the steering wheel of a roaring supercar.

Decadence: often craved, seldom experienced.

And yet, a small parcel lovingly sent all the way from Germany, made me question this philosophy.

Introducing Amala Beauty

Founded by Ute Leube, Amala Beauty is the type of luxury skincare brand that frequents my beauty-loving fantasies: decadent, nourishing, effective and rooted in advanced plant chemistry to offer powerful products with 100% natural origins.

“Beauty is life itself,” Ute explains. “It’s a smile, a plant, a kind word. Beauty is anything that touches us positively—it goes far beyond any generally accepted beauty standard.”

I was impressed. Even more so when I read their approach to marrying natural beauty with proven results.

“At Amala, we are firmly committed to delivering proven beautifying results with products free of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. While this is no small task, the challenge is rewarding and we are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved. Thanks to our exclusive, synergistic blends of the world’s most potent plant actives, we harness the power of nature to transform the skin for exquisite, proven results. Our formulas undergo rigorous clinical efficacy testing at one of Germany’s top external laboratories under the direction of esteemed dermatologists. These experts have confirmed that the results we achieve with Amala products rival or surpass those from conventional skincare brands.”

It sounded like everything I’d been searching for in a beauty brand. But was it too good to be true? I was soon to find out.

My Amala Beauty Review

Included in my parcel were three products: a firming body treatment, detoxifying body oil and detoxifying bath crystals.

I like to wait a minimum of three weeks before I review a product so I can ensure that my results are genuine. And while I haven’t been able to use the bath crystals yet, I have been using the firming body treatment and body oil religiously for the past three weeks. And I do mean religiously, because thanks to Amala my skin care ritual has become a sacred, decadent, element of my day.

But I’m skipping the good parts, so let’s rewind: how did I find the products?

Well, the packaging was spa luxury. Streamlined and zen, each product managed to instantly provoke calmness, without me even needing to swivel open the cap.

But when I did … well, that was even better.

Detoxify: Firming body treatment by Amala

First up was the firming body treatment. The description says: “Firm and smooth skin with myrtle, sea algae and apricot kernel. The detoxifying body lotion hydrates and refines for healthy texture and tone.”

Did it live up to its claim? Yes. Wholeheartedly yes. The smell was simply divine (and nothing like the sea algae I’d feared) and lingered like a natural perfume for hours. The consistency of the cream is so satiny that you can either give your skin a gentle once-over and let it sink in (which only takes a minute, max, it absorbs super easily, which I love) or you can massage it into your skin from the tips of your toes to the curve of your neck.

I have been gifted with naturally pale, sensitive skin that throws a tantrum at the merest whiff of change, and yet it (and I) didn’t even blink an eye when we switched to Amala. I didn’t see a huge change in my skin’s texture, but the keratosis pilaris (small, red bumps) on the top of my arms settled and I haven’t had any new breakouts in the last few weeks.

The biggest thing for me was the hydration. My skin is very easily dehydrated and I have to work hard – especially in the cooler months – to nourish my thirsty skin. But while I’ve been using Amala, dryness hasn’t been a problem. At all. Even if I skip a day, my skin still feels plump, hydrated and smooth.

In summary: I look forward to the special moments in my day when I can smooth on the Amala body treatment.

Detoxify: Detoxifying body oil by Amala

Next up was the body oil. The description says: “Moisturise and smooth dry skin all over body with myrtle, fig and apricot kernel. The detoxifying treatment oil gently melts into skin, leaving it soft, radiant and refined.”

I’m not a huge fan of oil, mainly because I live with two long-haired cats who shed like absolute mo-fos all year around. They’re adorable, I’ll give them that, but they definitely limit my skin care options. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Imagine somebody drenched in oil and then doused with feathers: that’s what I look like after using oil, except replace the feathers with cat hair. Not. Cool.)

BUT, I was so impressed by the body treatment that I couldn’t resist the urge to wade into enemy territory and give the oil a whirl anyway. And boy am I glad I did.

It. Is. Transformational.

Think skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and glowing.

Yes, it was still slightly sticky (as oil is), and I had to avoid all cat contact for at least fifteen minutes after applying it. But it was still worth it.

My verdict on Amala Beauty

I am hooked. Addicted. In love. Besotted. And DEVOTED to the way these two products have infused romance and decadence into my daily skincare rituals.

I love both of Amala’s products and have swapped them for my existing body care products. The only change I’ve made is combining the body oil with the body treatment (one pump of each into my hand) so that I’m not as sticky afterwards. This also allows me to use both products every day (I hate choosing between them!) and reap the benefits of both of them.

Oh and for a bonus tip: try massaging the body oil into your nails and cuticles. Instant health infusion!

Want to check out Amala Beauty yourself? Head on over to and enrich your life with some beauty decadence.

Please note: We received these products for free to try and review. Thank you to Kirsten and Be Social PR for connecting us with Amala. 

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