And the winners are …


Thank you to everyone who entered our Keeko Oil competition!

We are pleased to reveal that the winners of three x Keeko oil-pulling kits and binchotan charcoal toothbrushes are:

  • Annaliese
  • Catherine
  • Seema


The winners will be contacted via email.

Stay tuned for more competitions and giveaways!

Editorial Team

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  1. Seema

    6 August

    Yay! Thank you Team HappyWell Academy! I’m really excited to try this product from one conscious student of the universe to another, thank you!

  2. Annaliese

    7 August

    Oh, yay!! I haven’t seen any email come through as yet… I’m super excited to give this a go!

    • Hi Annaliese,

      You will need to send us an email at hello(at) with your best postal addy 🙂

      • Catherine Augunas

        10 August

        I hadn’t seen an email either but just saw this reply to Annaliese. I’ll send you through an email too. Thank you, so excited.

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