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As a rule, I’m not an overly serious person.

But there are exceptions to every rule. And for me, those exceptions are sleeping and chocolate, both of which have slipped between the cracks of a passing fancy and into the realm of Do Not Mess With.

My love affair with chocolate is pretty self-explanatory (because, chocolate) and if you’ve ever experienced the bliss of a Good Night’s Sleep, the type of which is so mythical and magical it deserves capitalisation, you’ll know what I’m talking about too.

Because waking up with Goddess-soft locks, bright, clear eyes and glowing skin worthy of poetry isn’t a dream: it can happen. 

Which is why I have devoted this entire article to the secret squirrel tips, products and tricks that help me get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Let’s get snoozing. I mean, started.

How to get a good night’s sleep.

Tip 1: Know your numbers. 

Okay, let’s begin with the science. According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you’re an adult between 26 and 64 years of age, you need seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

But like Goldilocks and her bedding preferences, there’s a balance. The least amount of sleep the National Sleep Foundation recommends is six hours, while the most is eleven. Any more, or less, than this and you’re skimming the unhealthy range.

You should also respect your body’s natural circadian rhythms and aim to sleep between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Hey – don’t give me that look. I know what you’re thinking, which is why I said aim.

Tip 2: Use light – and darkness – to your advantage. 

Sleep science has shown that getting sunshine in the early AM can help reset your circadian rhythm and signal to your body that it’s the start of the day. This will set you up for restful sleep in the evening.

On the flip, by limiting your exposure to bright lights (including the light from your electronics) you can reinforce and support this sleep cycle pattern. Aim for ‘light’s out’ (including electronics!) two to three hours before bed.

Tip 3: Eat for sleep. 

For deep and restful sleep, stay away from caffeine and sugar in the afternoon and avoid eating heavy meals in the evening. You should stop eating around two to three hours before bed.

Tip 4. Meditate before bed. 

In addition to being a light sleeper, it also takes a lot (of time, patience and compassion!) for me to fall asleep. Which is why meditating – or breathing exercises – have been my absolute lifesaver. Meditation before bed – or even while in bed – helps me relax and to calm my racing mind.

Any meditation practice will work, but I like to do a body scan exercise, which is focusing on and relaxing specific parts of the body (I go from the toes up to the forehead). Normally by the time I reach my left elbow, I’m fast asleep.

Tip 5. Invest in beauty sleep essentials.

Finally – the fun stuff! Remember when I mentioned that I was serious about sleep? Well, this is where it really comes into play.

Over the last five years, I have invested (and trust me, it is an investment) in: organic cotton sheets, a bed topper, a swoon-worthy mattress, Slip silk pillowcases (the absolute bomb!) and sleep mask, lavender pillow spray (for the calming and relaxing vibes) and a plethora of beauty sleep-inducing skincare products, some of which include The Beauty Chef’s Dream Repair Serum, Madison Medicinals Hair Serum and Wrinkles Schminkles range of silicon smoothing kits (read my review of them here).

All of which, no surprise, I recommend wholeheartedly. Because if anyone deserves to wake up feeling like a radiant goddess, it’s you!

Have some beauty tips of your own you’d like to share? Drop a comment below to let us know what helps you get a good night’s sleep. 




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