Chasing (and capturing!) wealth


Wealth for most may seem like a fairly elusive concept – something you aspire to have more of but may struggle to actually obtain.

So why then does it seem so easy for some people to have, yet difficult for others to obtain?

Let me share with you a little secret.

Wealth is not what most of us think it is!

In fact, as a society we seem to have forgotten what “wealth” really is: and somehow we’ve changed “wealth” to mean purely “money”.

But wealth is more than money.

There are many things that money can buy you in life but there are also many things that it cannot buy too!

So if wealth isn’t money … what is it?

The way I like to define wealth is: “When you have an abundance of anything that you truly value”.

While money might be something you may truly value, for most people it’s just a tool that can help to create wealth in life.

Wealth to me is often present in those things that money can’t buy. It’s love, friendships, family, a sense of purpose and connection, freedom and adventure!

What’s interesting about wealth is that each of you will have a unique definition of what wealth means to you personally. In fact, here are some recent definitions that others have shared with me:

“Being able to live the moments I never forget with my family, my partner and my friends.”

“Having enough of what you want in life (love, health, money) to feel content and fulfilled.”

“Wealth to me is having the freedom to enjoy life.”

“Wealth is when I can use my time to live and work, leaving behind something memorable and a legacy I will be proud of.”

“Wealth is measured in family and friends, choices and freedom.”

See what I mean …. wealth is hardly ever just about the money!

Being able to clearly define what you truly value in life will help you to focus on what you actually need in life to become wealthier and happier.

You can then plan and use the resources (time, money, skills, experience, careers, relationships and networks) available to you and work on creating the beliefs, habits and behaviours that will better enable you to create a wealthier life!

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts and your definitions of wealth!

Lea Schodel

Lea Schodel

Lea Schodel is a Financial Adviser, Yoga Teacher, Permaculture Design Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and passionate advocate for Women’s Well-being and Financial Literacy. 

Lea recently founded a social enterprise called Wellthy Pty Ltd which delivers The Mindful Wealth Movement (, a financial wellbeing program for women. 

Lea takes a unique approach to explaining money and teaching financial literacy, using left & right brain, feminine and creative approach interwoven with yogic philosophy, mindfulness and sustainability principles and life skills.
Lea Schodel

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