Could you be grateful for an entire day? The happi...

Could you be grateful for an entire day? The happiness challenge for manifesting abundance and bliss


If you believe in the concept of manifesting (i.e. using your thoughts and ‘energy’ to deliberately attract specific things into your life), you’ll know that how you feel about your life – and your goals – is one of the most important elements of a manifestation practice.

You get what you give.

You receive what you believe you’re worthy of receiving.

And you attract what you invest your energy in.

In simple terms, this means that if you think – and feel – negatively, you’re more likely to attract negative things into your life.

Even if you don’t believe in manifesting, it makes sense. After all, how often have you been in a bad mood and found yourself getting irritated by the smallest of things? You’re looking – albeit, subconsciously – for reasons to get upset. And inevitably, you find them.

Alternatively, have you ever been on holidays and felt like you’re viewing the world with rose-tinted glasses? The air feels cleaner, the coffee tastes smoother and the people around you seem that much nicer, all because you’re looking for reasons to love your surroundings.

Perception. It’s a major component of living a happy and well life.

And it stands to reason that the better you feel about your life, the better your life will be.

Which is why we’re setting you a challenge.

The gratitude challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Can you feel and express gratitude for your life (and everything in it) for one entire day?

From the moment your eyes open in the morning until your last thoughts before you drift off to sleep at night … can you nurture gratitude?

And yes, believe us, this will be difficult. It will be a challenge.

Because life presents us with opportunities to get angry, irritated and frustrated all of the time. From the bagel you dropped on your now-not-so pristine white shirt through to the snarky comments your boss makes or the traffic jam you get stuck in, it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity. Unless, of course, you choose to feel grateful for it.

Why you should try this challenge

We all view the world differently. Fact.

Another fact? We have complete control over how we view the world.

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and simply by shifting and adjusting them to a more positive – and grateful! – frequency, we can attract more happiness, abundance and bliss into our lives.

In some instances, this may mean that you have to resort to the bottom-of-the-barrel expressions of gratitude.

I am grateful for this annoying situation, because it means I am alive. And I am grateful for my life.

Other times, the gratitude may flow more easily.

I am grateful I have a loving partner to come home to.

I am grateful I have a car to drive to work in.

I am grateful I have the resources to buy a nourishing lunch.

But mostly, it will simply involve saying two words:

Thank you.

And saying those two words to everything and everyone in your life (mentally or verbally), irrespective of the situation.

Are you up for it? Try the one-day gratitude challenge and let us know how you go by tagging us @happywellmag on social media. Good luck and may the good vibes flow!

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