How to balance and uplift your body and mind’...

How to balance and uplift your body and mind’s energy


Every year we take our cars to get a service and tune up without question. We fill it with fuel every time the tank starts getting low and we give it a clean when it’s looking dirty.

But how much time do we invest on ourselves getting our own energetic vehicle, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, tuned up and fuelled up?

If we can grasp the concept that all matter is energy then we can understand that we as humans are pure energetic beings. Energy shifts and changes but what can sometimes happen due to stress, shock, trauma, too much mental activity, toxins in the body, or suppressed emotions the energetic system can become blocked or stagnant creating illness or ailments in the physical body.

When we take the steps to bring awareness to ourselves and our patterns of behaviour we invite and encourage healing to take place, leading us to a fulfilling and wholehearted life.

Through years of study and personal experience here are some of my favourite ways of supporting and balancing the body, mind and spirit.


The mind is the ruler of our chi, our life force energy, and where the mind goes energy flows so one of the best ways to tame the mind is through Meditation. Anyone who has sat for even five minutes of meditation knows how busy the mind can get. It is said that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day. Out of these 50,000 how many of them are conscious, subconscious or even unconscious? Through

meditation we learn the art of not only quietening the mind but also the most important, the art of becoming the quiet observer of our mind. By learning to observe and acknowledge the flow of thoughts we allow our practise to get to a deeper and more peaceful space. The more we can learn to sit, acknowledge and let go of the thoughts that come from deep within, the more we allow ourselves to take control over our minds, therefore improving our emotional stability, developing the intuition and expanding the consciousness.

Energetic healing

Energetic healing is a non-invasive healing technique that works holistically on your body, mind and spirit to balance, calm and clear your life force energy. It works on the subtle energy systems (meridians, nadis, chakras, auric bodies) working to release any blockages and disease, helping to repair and rebalance any energy imbalances that may have been caused from shock, trauma, environmental stress, false belief systems, mental and emotional stress and bring about harmony, clarity, stillness, and a state of peace and oneness.

Although it is a subtle form of treatment it is highly powerful and can bring about much personal growth and transformation.

Bowen therapy

Once again a non-invasive treatment that facilitates the body in healing itself, Bowen therapy can be used to treat musculoskeletal and neurological problems, and can be described as a holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft connective tissues of the body. It involves a precise set of moves that are gentle but purposeful; you may be left for a few minutes in between each move to allow the body to respond, where the nervous system adjusts and muscle tension releases.

This style of treatment is for anyone and any age, even little babies and the benefits are plentiful and the results are incredible.

Kundalini yoga

As taught by Yogi Bhajan, where the primary object is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual. It involves six steps; tuning in, pranayama, kriya, relaxation, meditation and closing with the blessing song “May the long time sun”. A Kundalini yoga class is usually between 60 mins to 90 mins, where it may involve vigorious, exercises and strong breath techniques that challenge and strengthen the nervous and endocrine system and will test the will of the practitioner beyond the limitations of their ego.

After a session you cannot help but walk out and feel a difference in your vibrational self. I recommend this especially to those that find it hard to control the “Monkey mind”, because the class involves movement, breath work and chanting you’ll find it hard to let the chattering mind interrupt your sacred time. Its focus is to move you to your neutral mind , and awaken the power of the individual to excel, experience their infinity and fulfil their personal destiny.


Based on TCM and the meridian system, acupuncture focuses on improving the overall well being of a person. It involves inserting fine needles into the channels of energy and stimulating the body’s own natural healing response. A good acupuncture session will leave you feeling restored and rebalanced on all levels.


One of the reasons for creating Hanako Therapies was to bring about ritual into our daily lives. This can be used as a mindful practice where you give yourself a moment to ground and create a sacred space for yourself for the day, by spraying our essential oils sprays, taking a deep breath, repeating a positive affirmation and setting an intention for the day you fill your energy field with supporting and uplifting energy. There are 10 different blends for different states of being to help support you on your journey. Something as simple as this can help bring transformational shifts in your energy field and mood.

We are all different and we’ll gravitate towards different things that can help us on our way. Explore, experiment and experience different ways of finding your balance. You’ll know what it is because your body, mind and spirit will feel harmonious. It’s all about prevention, clearing and elevating our energy levels to live our full potential, letting go of the old, for that is far too heavy to carry around for the entirety of your life.

We all deserve the best of what life has to offer we just need to get out of our own way and leave the self sabotaging ways behind. And through any energy work we can achieve great results for our own personal development and growth.

This doesn’t mean that life will be perfect, there will still be highs and low’s, but what it does mean is that you learn to become steady and stable within yourself. Y

ou find your calm in any storm. Remember nothing that is thrown at us is out of our reach or that we cannot handle. We have this. We just have to tap into the inner self and guide and let her lead the way. Let her guide us to the next step. Let her guide us to what is needed for higher living.

When we come from a place of balance and equilibrium we make better choices not only for ourselves but for all that surround us, we don’t have knee jerk reactions, we don’t allow ourselves to get hooked into this, that or the other, we have nice clear boundaries and we give all relationships a place to grow from true heart.


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Rachel Holm

Rachel Holm

Rachel’s career began as a professional dancer, model and actor taking her all over the world for 20 years. seeing and feeling a need to bring a positive ritual back into our everyday lives where we can take a moment for ourselves to create a sacred space for conscious breath and self love, care and kindness before we start our days, Rachel formed Hanako Therapies. Hanako’s intention is to provide a range of uplifting, supporting and balancing vibrational scents, blends and essences that focus on natures natural healing gifts. Also still a practicing energetic and spiritual healer, her healings combine the use of energy healing, crystal therapy, breathwork, meditation, vibrational healing and flower/gem essence healing that leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired.
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