How to be a stealth lightworker


Chances are if you live and work in a big city, at some point your psyche will be confronted with people suffering poverty, homelessness, mental illness and addiction. Which means that getting through your daily commute can be a dispiriting grind … even for the happiest of us.

I currently live in New York and back when I moved to Brooklyn in the late 90’s, daily life included facing these human conditions, frequently and often all at once.

Back then, I worked full-time, spent my weekends as a literacy volunteer and gave money to the homeless when I could, but my heart was challenged with the suffering I witnessed. Over the years I’ve done my fair share of spiritual learning and self development. I’d learned the power of thought, intention and prayer, so I decided to put it in action.

While riding the train one day I sat a few seats down from a mom and her young daughter. The mother was angry and her tone with her daughter was hard to hear. In the past I would have judged the mom, but as I’ve became a mom myself with all of its attendant stresses, my heart broke for her. No mom wants to lose it. So I closed my eyes and imagined light pouring into the crown of mom’s head then moving to her heart and healing her momentary suffering. I acted, in stealth, as her guardian light worker.

How you can be a stealth lightworker.

Being a lightworker is simple, you use your intention and imagination to effect good in the world. Your imagination is the plane on which you create the tools you use and implement: light, magic wands, color, smoke -whatever floats your boat. The more personal your tools are to you, the more effective you’ll be. Then use them, creatively and with your positive intent to heal, alleviate suffering or whatever goodness you want to bring into the world.

As I’m typing these last words I can hear the chorus of doubters chiming in. And to everyone I say, be skeptical and play with this! Try light work on people (or pets for that matter) within your social circle, take notes, gather data and see for yourself. Only you can know, from direct personal experience, whether or not you feel you’ve made an impact. If at the end of your experiments you don’t feel you’ve had an effect, chances are you made yourself feel better in the process. The end of your own suffering is reason enough to continue to do it.

The beauty of light work is that it doesn’t require a belief in a god or regular services at the denomination of your choice. You simply shift the focus of your thought from judgment and pain to generosity and love. Love without condition.

On the train that day, after I applied the light I opened my eyes and sat. A split second later I heard a miracle. The mom apologized and put her arm around her daughter. As the mom and daughter stood to exit the train at the next station our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

Do I claim responsibility for the warm and fuzzy outcome between the mom and her daughter? No, that victory belongs with the mom. What I do claim is the energy that I put out in the world and my intention to use love as a tool with reckless abandon. It’s my hope that you’re encouraged to do the same.


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Emily Grote

Emily Grote is a psychic-medium and the creative force behind and She lives with her husband, three girls and four cats in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC.

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  1. Kristin

    23 June

    I love this. I’m always secretly sending light and love to people and I really do feel that it works. Great article!

    • Emily Grote

      24 June

      Hi Kristin, thanks so much! I’m so pleased it resonated with you. Keep doing what you’re doing! 😉

  2. Terrence Kava

    24 June

    I send blessings and Light!

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