Receive guidance from the Universe

Receive guidance from the Universe


Feeling lost? Wish there was a way you could receive guidance and tune into the wisdom of the universe?

Life – and its myriad of decisions – can be tough to navigate. And every now and then, we all crave greater guidance and direction. Which is why I’ve collected and curated a variety of ways you can connect with your intuition and spiritual helpers to receive guidance in your life.

Pick and choose the ones that work for you and leave what doesn’t. As always, this is simply an invitation and an offering, not a directive.

Try free writing

If, like me, you enjoy writing as a way of making sense of your thoughts, you may appreciate this one. Free writing is a super simple – but majorly unappreciated – exercise that consists of just one thing: writing. The key? To write in a stream-of-consciousness manner where you do not edit, pause or overthink what you’re writing. 

Tip: Set a timer for five or ten-minutes. Grab a notebook and pen (always better to write by hand) and write. Don’t worry if all that comes out is ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, ra ra la la, seriously what am I doing?’. It takes some practice. But I guarantee if you keep trying, you will find some glistening pearls of wisdom in your writing.

Look for signs from the animal world

Did you know that according to Shamanism, each and every animal holds a special meaning and message for us? And that you may even have animal spirit guides or messengers in your life that are trying to communicate with you? From the ant that crawls across your hand through to the spider you find in the kitchen and the bumblebee that crosses your path, every animal offers an opportunity for greater clarity and guidance.

Tip: Pay attention to which animals you encounter. You can then google the spiritual meaning of that animal appearing in your life. Alternatively, a book I recommend is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

Identify the numbers and series in your life

In the same way that animals hold special meanings and messages for us, so too can numbers and series. For example, did you know that according to numerology repeatedly seeing the number ‘111’ may be a message to monitor your thoughts? And that the number ‘9’ speaks of global consciousness? Identify which numbers are appearing in your life and try to pinpoint current themes and series.

Tip: Keep track of the numbers that pop up during the day, then review them to find the unique message for your life. You’ll know if it’s the right one, because it will feel right.

Connect through meditation

Regular meditation is valuable for us in so many ways. But one of the ways you can harness meditation is to connect to your inner wisdom – and spiritual guides – to receive guidance. There a variety of practices you can try, but I like using focused breathing exercises and guided meditations.

Tip: At the beginning of your meditation session, have one clear question in mind that you want answered. Then be open to experiencing and expressing the answer to that question – through your thoughts and feelings – during your meditation. At the end of your session, allow your intuition and inner wisdom to guide you.

Use a pendulum

Last year, our cat, Bear, was lost. As a last ditch effort to find him, I grabbed my crystal necklace and used it as a pendulum to narrow down where Bear might be. A few minutes later, we had a precise location to check. Ten minutes later, Bear was safe in my partner’s arms, having been found exactly where I predicted he’d be. Was it a coincidence? Possibly. But would I use a pendulum again in the future? Definitely.

Tip: Follow this guide to using a pendulum correctly.

Experiment with oracle and tarot cards

Whenever my friend and I are in need of some loved-up advice from the universe, we take turns pulling cards from our oracle and tarot card decks. Sometimes, the results are eerily accurate. Other times, they make us giggle with their sheer outlandishness. But every time, they leave us feeling a little lighter.

Tip: Find a deck that feels right for you and then try pulling one, or three, cards related to the question you need guidance with. The three cards will represent the past, the present, and the future.


As I said earlier, feel free to pick and choose the pathways to guidance that work for you (and leave what doesn’t). We are all unique and on our own unique paths. Enjoy and let me know how you go! x


Cassandra Lane

Cassandra Lane is the happy founder of Happy + Well Academy and the Editor-in-Chief of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine.

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