How to tell the difference between intuition and f...

How to tell the difference between intuition and fear


You’re at a crossroad.

The decision you make in this moment, no matter how innocuous it seems, will send you careening down one path. And a voice in your gut, possibly even your heart, is urging you to make a decision.

“The other road, it’s too risky,” the voice tells you. “You have too much to lose.”

But how do you know if this voice, this primal urge, is being driven by your intuition (aka the soul-searcher’s BFF) or your fear (hello, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs)?

Good question. No, great question. And as a fellow dream-chaser, I’m here to tell you that at least once on your journey to your dream life, you’ll question yourself. You’ll wonder if you’re being too bold. Not bold enough. Too idealistic. Not positive enough.

Trust me, we’ve all been there. And the only way to get through this stage is to do just that: keep going.

And when you find yourself struggling to tell the difference between intuition and fear, I recommend asking yourself these eight questions:

  1. What does it feel like when my intuition is talking to me? For example, do you feel a tug at your heart, a flutter in your belly, a sense of clarity in your mind? Identify how you feel and especially where you feel it in your body.
  2. What does fear feel like? For example, is it a swirling, icky feeling in your belly? A tightness in your throat? A heaviness in your heart? A racing, frantic mind? Identify how you feel fear and especially where fear manifests in your body.
  3. Knowing the difference between what fear feels like and what intuition feels like, what do I feel like I am experiencing more of at the moment?
  4. When I think about choosing one option, how do I feel?
  5. When I think about choosing the other option, how do I feel?
  6. What would my Higher Self (and the part of me that is kind, brave, loving and fearless) do?
  7. If my bestie were in the situation I am in, what would I tell him/her?
  8. In 20 years time, when I look back at these choices, which option would bring me the most amount of regret if I didn’t do it?

Listen to your heart. Trust your responses and believe in yourself.

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