How’s your nervous system?


How are you? Or, what I really want to ask is: how’s your nervous system?

Not sure how to answer that question? Don’t worry, up until few months ago, I would have answered that question with: “… Fine. Fine?”

It wasn’t until I got sick, and balancing my nervous system was the only way I could get better, that I began to take notice and take care of this part of my body-mind.

Last year, I suffered with chronic infections that despite seeing my GP, specialist and naturopath, and doing EVERYTHING they recommended externally I didn’t get better.

I took supplements, prescriptions, and followed every bit of lifestyle advice to the T. Hell, I gave up sugar (even fruit), grains and dairy for six months! Stumped with my lack of progress, each and every one of these experts said my illness must be a result of stress.

Stress? Stress, I said. I’m not stressed, for god’s sake, I’m a yoga teacher. I meditate, I do asana. I eat well. I get ‘enough’ sleep. I’m not stressed.

Anyway, to make a long story short – it was stress. Or, more precisely an overactive, chronically switched on sympathetic nervous system & an underactive parasympathetic system. I was just so accustomed to what that state of hyperarousal felt like, that it felt normal to me.

This made me realise, that if I, a full time yogi, with a psychology degree, could be stressed without realising it – how many other people are suffering, without knowing the real cause of their health problems?

Lots. Probably most of us.

So, since the best tools to regulate the nervous system are all yoga based, I feel a pretty darn large responsibility to share what I know. And to educate people about just how important it is for health and happiness to have a well balanced nervous system.

What’s the first step? Well, for me – it was admitting that even if I felt ‘normal’ it might not be the optimal state for my nervous system. This can take some time, trust me, I fought this for almost a year.

Second, it’s educating yourself about just exactly what your nervous system is, and what role it plays in your body-mind.

So, I feel like I’ve got a new mission in life. It often happens that way doesn’t it? Periods of suffering often bring a sense of purpose and meaning into our lives.

I’m not an expert in the nervous system, yet. But I’m doing everything in my power to become one. However, I can share what I know up to this point – which is why I’ve written tomorrow’s article: ‘Why you should care about your nervous system.’

If you feel like there’s just never enough time in the day, or you have problems with your digestion, libido, or immunity I highly recommend you come back tomorrow and give that article a read.

I can’t over emphasis what a dramatic impact learning about and caring for my nervous system has had on my life. Not only have health concerns completely resolved themselves, but I no longer have to take crazy amounts of supplements or eat in a completely regimented way.

I don’t know exactly where this journey will take me, but I have a feeling I’m onto something. I will do my very best to share what I’ve learned in ways that can help you live a healthier, happier more connected life.

Until next time …


Cora Geroux

Cora Geroux is the founder of Slow Yoga, a full-time yoga teacher and a part-time introvert. Cora's has a BA in Psychology and is passionate about the intersection between Western science and Eastern wisdom. Cora believes that if we could all slow down, reconnect to ourselves, each other and the planet - life would be a hell of a lot more
satisfying & sustainable.

You can find out more about Cora by going to her website or connecting with her on social media.

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