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Magazine (It’s Free!) – Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine is a free online periodical for curious and conscious students of the universe. Our current issue, the Adventure Edition, is 80 + pages of digital goodness. This issue includes topics on enlightened travel, travelling with anxiety, everyday adventure (no plane ticket required!) crafting a business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and how you can be a mindful, conscious world explorer.

Every issue of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine is charged up with positive, loving and healing energy before being released into the universe and we choose to deliberately design and create the magazine during moments of peace and contentment to ensure your experience is infused with good juju and abundant bliss.


There’s a lot to be said about a magazine that chooses to focus on happiness, positivity, and individuality from the inside out rather than what society wants to create for us. Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine is a place where you can find inspiration to be your own authentic and genuine self. A true testament to what all magazines should be bringing to the table.” ~ Rachel Brathen

“As an avid consumer of magazines and publications, nothing brings me more joy than to see a company like Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine be so vibrant and alive. Kudos to sharing gorgeous and passionate information.” ~ Kathryn Budig

“Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine is a sanctuary from some of the negative energies circulating around us daily. It offers us hope when there is despair and light when there is darkness. I am proud to be part of this loving uplifting sanctuary!” ~ Nora Caron, Award-Winning Author of Journey to the Heart

“There are a few special things about Happiness + Wellbeing Mag that set it apart from other health magazines I have read. One of those is that it focuses on wellness from the inside out, rather than just on the final product. I am a huge advocate of balance, and this magazine screams balance! The other special thing is that the people behind the magazine have a heart of gold and are very enjoyable to work with. I look forward to every month’s issue!” ~ Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

This magazine is the goods. Dreamy yet down-to-earth. Spiritual yet sassy. It’s the ultimate guide to health, wellness and grabbing life by the balls. The perfect blend of inspiration and action, Yin and Yang, nourishment and encouragement. Move over Cosmo, H+W Mag knows what the new-age woman is truly craving and they give you just that, soaked in soul and infused with love!” ~ Meg O’Sullivan, Adventuring Home

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