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Hello starry soul-sisters! I am so happy to be sharing with you the cosmic energy forecast for the month of May!

We are kicking this month off with some grounded yet introspective vibes. We are currently sitting in Taurus season, meaning the Sun is in the starry backdrop of the sky that has been allotted to the zodiac sign Taurus so many years ago. While we are all individuals and feel cosmic energy in different ways than one another, we will all be feeling a desire to create structure and stability in our lives. The sign of the Bull is one that likes keeping to the norm, encouraging tradition and constancy. So think of the recent seeds you planted in the beautiful garden of your life. How can you nurture your ideas to keep them constantly and evenly growing? It’s a time for us all as a collective to nurture our creations, whether it’s a project at your job, a new relationship, a blog you started, a new health regime, etc. You began something and now it’s time to stick to it so it can grow deep, healthy roots.

After May 20, the Sun will be in Gemini, which will cast a much more lively frequency to our lives, encouraging learning, communicating, and socialising.

Gemini is the social butterfly of the gemini, and we will feel much more flighty towards the end of the month. So it may better to get all the work out of the way earlier on.  

The Sun’s purpose is to be innovative and to create. It gives us inspiration and confidence to go after our goals. Usually when the Sun is in a sign, it has nearby helper planets that aid it in its mission. As the month begins, the planets Mercury and Venus are also in the sign Taurus, helping us out cosmically in various ways.

Mercury is our ability to communicate and express ourselves; it rules organization, communication, information, thought, and intellect. We start out May with Mercury in retrograde, which began on April 28. This means that Mercury simply looks as if it’s going backwards in the night sky (it’s not really moving backwards) just our perspective here on Earth. This phenomenon occurs for three weeks, and then he takes 2 more weeks to travel over his shadow period.  When Mercury has this projection, the motion indicates that it’s a great time to redo things: repeat, reevaluate, review, reflect, retry, etc. This can be voluntary or involuntary. I.e. You can see yourself perfecting a project at work until you know it’s just right (voluntary), or your boss may ask you to keep redoing it until it fits her/his standards of perfection (… involuntary). Depending on your own astrological chart you’ll feel this energy affect a different area of your life; it could be wooing your current crush until they finally accept your offer for lunch, or starting “day 1” of yoga, again, because day 2 never seemed to come around those first couple tries.

Main thing to remember, we will all be noticing a heightened sense of expressing ourselves and a stronger desire to communicate and to be understood. This is because Mercury is at the point in its orbit when it’s closest to Earth. We feel the magnetic attraction between our earthly energy and the expressive energy of Mercury.

Personal story: the last time Mercury went retrograde, I began teaching astrology through written word because I felt the pull to express myself and share information. Mercury will go direct on May 22 and will exit its retrograde “repetition zone” on June 7.

Venus has just entered the sign Taurus as we begin this wonderful month of May. This gorgeous planet lets us enjoy the pleasures of life. She inspires charm, beauty, relaxation, creativity, and love.

Taurus is one of the two signs ruled by Venus, so she feels at home here. Sensuality comes easily to us during this time and we can take comfort in all of our experiences. Venus in Taurus wants us to use all of our senses in each experience, showing the fullness of human experience; she calls us to go on a walk and smell the air, to feel the breeze, or to eat a luxurious meal and to taste every bite!

On top of the Mercury retrograde energy going on, there another handful of planets that are retrograde as well: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto (albeit Jupiter will be going direct on the 10th).

Mars is the action planet, full of energy and excitement, it’s the cosmic energy that corresponds to our will-power, our ability to take action and to take charge. When its projection is backwards in the sky, currently in the sign Sagittarius, it pushes us to take action for ourselves. We notice a call to internalize our energy and focus on what we really want, so we can make sure we’re taking positive action to make those things happen. Our desires, wants, and needs are illuminated by our consciousness, making us feel impatient and rash towards making the changes we so crave. So it’s important to remember to take deep breaths when we feel the irritated energy playing a role in our emotions. There’s always a divine schedule we may not be fully aware of, and with Mars Rx, we want everything to manifest right away. Things will happen when they are supposed to, allowing the way for the best possible outcomes.

The saggy energy of Mars is encouraging us to look at the bigger picture with an optimistic approach. Also in Sagittarius is Saturn retrograde.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and constriction, teaching us the value of hard work and diligence. Mars and Saturn have been getting along, encouraging us to be responsible regarding our actions. They’re telling us to think twice about the commitments we make so we really know the consequences. This helps alleviate the harsh, brash energy of Mars’ impatience.

Jupiter’s been retrograde since January 8 in the sign Virgo. This large, expansive  planet has been in conjunct with Rahu, meaning they have been hanging out in the sky together. Rahu is an insatiable thirst within us, and Jupiter is our spiritual beliefs. You may have noticed that you have been feeling like you just cannot get enough spiritual wisdom during these past couple months. Being in Virgo, this energy has played a role in our everyday lives, in the details of each day, pushing spirituality to be an everyday practice. It’s been a beautiful thing for all of us to crave this divine energy as to expand our hearts and souls. Now that Jupiter is going direct, we can finally outwardly direct this energy and share it with everyone around us!

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Lora Zuanic

Lora Zuanic

Lora Zuanic is an intuitive astrologer and tarot reader. She believes the astrological cosmos are an incredible tool to educate each individual on the energetic backdrop of everyday life, giving clarity and meaning to action, and allowing the divine to easily lead us on our spiritual paths.
Lora Zuanic

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