How to remove negative energy from your home

How to remove negative energy from your home


Energy is present in everything; from the cells of your body to the food that you eat and yes, even in the walls of your home! It is so important to ensure that the energy within you and around you is always flowing optimally. A good flow of energy makes us feel happy, energized and full of life. When energy isn’t flowing so well, we can feel tired, blocked or depressed. Life presents us with many challenges and it’s normal to have negative feelings. The key is to work through those feelings and move back towards the joyful and loving soul you really are. That’s where Space Clearing comes in!

There are many ways to cleanse and clear negative energy from your home. I’m going to share a few of my favourite techniques with you here, and I encourage you to use the one(s) that resonate most with you.


Let’s talk first about smudging with sage. Smudging is a beautiful tradition that originates from Native American culture. It is the process of burning dried herbs and using the smoke to clear out negative energy.

White sage is a powerful cleanser of negativity; it is very purifying and healing. You can purchase bundles of sage at most new age stores.

To use your sage, light the tip of the bundle, and gently blow out the flame – you’ll have a nice trail of smoke that smells divine. I like to walk around my home with the lit sage (and an abalone shell underneath it to catch the ashes) and hold the intention that my space be cleansed and purified. One I am done with the clearing, I wait until the ashes are cool and then I return them to the Earth, thanking them for their help. I always feel a sense of deep peace and ease after I do a clearing with sage.

You can also smudge your home with different types of herbs, like cedar, sweetgrass or palo santo. Each of these herbs have different healing properties and you can switch up your routine, depending on what your intuition is telling you.


Another wonderful way to clear your home is with incense. There are so many different types of incense out there but I find sandalwood is one of the best to clear negative energy. Sandalwood is purifying, uplifting, and connects us to the world of Spirit. I like to light a stick of sandalwood incense and just like with the sage, walk around my home until I feel like the cleansing has been completed. I let the remainder of the incense burn out in my living room and again return the ashes back to the Earth.

Sound cleansing

Using sound to cleanse my home always feels divine. Who doesn’t love the sound of tinkling bells? Singing bowls, tingshas, and bells specifically designed for Space

Clearing, help to clear out negative energy beautifully. You can find Space Clearing bells online, or at shops that carry Feng Shui products. It’s important to use a bell or singing bowl with a pleasing sound to you. When using a singing bowl, sit in the centre of the room you would like to clear and play your bowl until you feel the energy in the room shift to a more positive state. With tingshas, or a Space Clearing bell, I walk around each room of my home while ringing the bells. If I come across an area that feels like it could use more sound clearing, I stay there a little longer and ring the bells a few extra times.

These are a few of my favourite ways to clear negative energy out of my home. I hope they are helpful to you! Remember to always trust your intuition to guide you in your process. Clearings are very powerful tools and when they are done regularly, they can pave the way for more happiness, abundance and connection in your life!

Naaz Ali

Naaz Ali

Naaz Ali is a jewellery designer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant and founder of Earth Elements (; a heart centered company that aims to help wonderful souls live a beautiful, joyful life. Earth Elements offers crystal healing jewellery, mala beads, energy sessions, Reiki trainings and online courses.

A lover of all things spiritual, Naaz can often be found drinking cacao elixirs, moon gazing, playing with crystals, doing yoga in her living room, or wandering through the trees. Based in Calgary, Canada, she adores nature and has a soft spot for the mountains and the ocean.
Naaz Ali

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