Four ways you’re sabotaging your wellness

Four ways you’re sabotaging your wellness


You gulp green smoothies for breakfast, enjoy #yogaeverydamnday and believe that regular meditation is an essential component of a happy + well life. In short: you’re nailing the whole healthy living thing. And yet … you can’t help but feel that things could still be better. 

Want to know what might be slipping past your finely honed health radar? Check out our list of four ways you might be unintentionally sabotaging your wellness.

You believe what you think.

You’d think that some of the things we could definitely rely on in life were ourselves, and our thoughts, right? Alas, not so! In fact, relying on your thoughts to lead you towards your happiest and healthiest life may just be doing more harm than good.

Dr Rebecca Ray, clinical psychologist and creator of the Happi Habits program, illustrated this point perfectly in a recent Instagram post: “Don’t believe everything you think, friends! Our minds have evolved as master problem solvers to ensure our survival. This means they are biased towards the negative stuff and can be melodramatic at times. You don’t have to buy into it if it’s not helpful for assisting you to live by your values and take effective action.”

P.S. Be sure to check out the Happi Habits Instagram page for more of Rebecca’s insights. 

Your sleep sucks.

Whether it’s being woken up by your snoring sleeping buddy, or naughtily slipping under the covers well after midnight, another way you might unintentionally be sabotaging your health is by not respecting your slumber. And while one late-night Netflix session might not seem like much, it all adds up. Before long you’ll be juggling a hefty sleep deficit and attempting to right many a sleepy wrong .. not exactly a recipe for thriving wellness!

Our solution? Set up a sleep ritual/routine that ensures that you get a solid eight hours of quality sleep each night. And be sure to check out our tips for beauty sleep essentials. 

You’ve embraced your inner vampire.

Can’t remember the last time you saw – and savoured – some sunlight? You’re not alone. As humans, it’s all too common for us to dwell indoors for both work and play. However, the effects of this indoor-centric lifestyle are showing: not only are our circadian rhythms being impacted, but more and more adults are vitamin D deficient than ever before.

An easy fix is to watch the sun rise, and set, each day. Start with a promise to incorporate this ritual into your life for just a week, and then see how you go. The key is to stay outside, in the sunlight, for at least 15-minutes.

You don’t floss.

Okay, let’s be honest: the likelihood of ever hearing somebody proclaim, “Oh, I can’t wait to go home and floss!” is pretty slim. It’s not the sexiest, or most engaging, wellness habit. But a consistent and comprehensive oral hygiene routine is vital for holistic health and wellness. These days, research is connecting poor oral health to a variety of conditions and disorders, from heart disease and diabetes through to dementia and obesity. It’s enlightening, but a little terrifying too. So do yourself a favour by flipping out the floss and indulging in a little dental care this evening.

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