Six ways to live in the moment


Longing for instant mindfulness? Wish you could train yourself to permanently live in the moment? Let us help. Because while we can’t provide you with a zen guru status overnight, we can offer six ways to guide you towards greater mindfulness. Here we go.

Focus on your breath.

Don’t try to change or control it, simply notice the way you’re breathing. Whenever you feel your attention moving to the past or the future, come back to your breath.

Shift your attention to what you can physically feel.

Can you feel the solid stability of the chair beneath you? The ground under your shoes? The weight of the phone in your hand? The way the wind (or air-conditioning) blows your hair against your face? Really concentrate on the physical sensations surrounding you and allow them to be an anchor to the present moment.

Tune into your emotions.

Your emotions are a direct channel GPS guide to your experience of the world. If you can identify how you feel, you are able to pull yourself back into the moment and experience life in the moment.

Refuse to multitask.

Spreading your focus and attention across more than one task may seem like the easy way to get more done in less time, but in reality it is probably an easy way to ensure you’re NOT living in the moment. But by refusing to multitask, we are effectively promising ourselves to the present task and providing ourselves with an opportunity to live in the moment.

Allow yourself to truly see the world.

When was the last time you simply sat and looked at the world around you? Give yourself five-minutes each day to sit – or stand – quietly and really, truly look around you. What colours can you see? Textures? Patterns? Lines? Give yourself over to your sight and allow yourself to see the moment you’re in.


Right now, what sounds can you hear? The stove hissing, as your partner prepares dinner? The click-clack of keys on a keyboard being pressed by your co-worker? The ding of a public transport announcement? All around us, life is happening. By giving yourself permission to listen to life, you’re effectively tuning into the present moment.

Have more tips for living in the moment? Drop a comment to let us know how you foster mindfulness!

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