Spirited travel destinations: Maui, Hawaii

Spirited travel destinations: Maui, Hawaii


From the moment you step off the plane and breathe in the warm, humid air – Maui has a hold on you. Its energy of complete wellbeing envelopes you like a hug and doesn’t let go; inviting you to discover its many landscapes – from the peaks of its dormant volcanoes, to its warm, turquoise waters, to its lush, sacred valleys. Once you feel the energy of Maui, its hard to imagine going anywhere else.

One of eight Hawaiian islands, Maui is the second largest island, known as the “Valley Isle”. It’s a favourite, world-class destination; one that is also popular with yogis, healers, and spiritual seekers.

And for good reason! Many people believe that the Hawaiian Islands are part of the ancient site of Lemuria – a civilization that existed thousands of years ago. The Lemurians were very connected to Earth and Spirit and based their teachings on this connection to the Divine.

Maui, in particular, is home to Haleakalā, a dormant volcano known in spiritual circles as the heart chakra of our planet, with a resonance of 7.8, the exact frequency of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. 

The energy of Maui is loving, abundant and powerful. If you’re open to it, this magical island will teach you about your true nature and how to connect with the love of Spirit that is always available to you.

Here are my top 5 ways to connect with Spirit on your next trip to Maui:

Swim in the ocean.

Maui’s ocean is clear, abundant and alive. As soon as you dive in, the waters support you and bathe you in their energy of wellbeing. You feel cared for, loved and like all is well in your world and in your heart.

Watch the sunrise at Haleakalā.

This one is totally worth the 2am wake up call, I promise! It takes a couple of hours to make the 10,000 foot drive up to the top, but once you’re up there, standing above the clouds and watching the dawn break, you’ll know why native Hawaiians named this the “House of the Sun”. Watching the sunrise at what feels like the top of the world, is awe-inspiring and reminds you of the sheer power that Spirit holds and what we are all a part of.

Watch a hula.

Authentic hula is a sacred and beautiful dance, one that speaks of Hawaii’s history, culture and spirit. Traditionally, hula was performed to poetic chants by men, and woman would express the poetry in dance. The Goddess Laka is considered to be the keeper of hula and in many hula performances, prayers are addressed to her.

Go whale watching.

During the months of November to May, the humpback whales migrate to Maui to breed and birth their babies. Watching these magnificent beings play and swim in the water is a sacred and breathtaking experience! Your guide will usually place a microphone underwater so you can hear the whales sing their songs. Their songs change yearly and somehow, each whale knows exactly what song to sing. It’s such a powerful reminder of how we are all so intimately connected.

Hike Iao Valley.

On my last trip to Maui, I was chatting with some locals, and upon learning what I do for work, they told me I had to see Iao Valley. This beautiful, sacred valley is steeped in history and those who are sensitive to energy can feel the power that resides there. Step off the trail and into the jungle and you will discover petroglyphs, energy vortexes and major magic.

Do you have some favourite spiritual sites in Maui? Feel free to share them with me in the comments!

Naaz Ali

Naaz Ali

Naaz Ali is a jewellery designer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant and founder of Earth Elements (; a heart centered company that aims to help wonderful souls live a beautiful, joyful life. Earth Elements offers crystal healing jewellery, mala beads, energy sessions, Reiki trainings and online courses.

A lover of all things spiritual, Naaz can often be found drinking cacao elixirs, moon gazing, playing with crystals, doing yoga in her living room, or wandering through the trees. Based in Calgary, Canada, she adores nature and has a soft spot for the mountains and the ocean.
Naaz Ali


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